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The St. George church has a wide variety of programs available to both adults and youth.

Sunday School

Classes are every Sunday at 10:00am (unless otherwise noted) in the Sunday School room, adjacent to the downstairs hall, and are taught by Mirjana Petrovic.

Children will learn about Serbian Orthodoxy, as well as Serbian heritage, culture and language. Children of all ages are welcome.

While it is not required, children in Sunday School can participate in Holy Communion.

Language Classes

Classes are every other Sunday following Divine Liturgy services in the downstairs hall, and are taught by Mirjana Petrovic.

Students will learn the basics of Serbian language, including words, phrases and the Cyrillic alphabet. All are encouraged to join!

Mladost Folklore Group

This group is a compilation of children from the 4 Bay Area churches, ranging from elementary to high school ages.

Children will learn folklore dancing from various regions of Serbia, as well as typical folklore dances practiced here at our festivals, etc.

Practices are every Sunday (unless otherwise noted), and locations of practice alternate between St. John the Baptist (San Francisco) and St. Archangel Michael (Saratoga). For interest in participating, please contact us!